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From a young age, I’ve had experience with a wide variety of breeds and understand how dogs and humans live together.
It all began with a Yorkshire Terrier in the early years. Other breeds then followed, including a giant schnauzer, sheepdog, German Shepherd/ Bernese Mountain Dog cross as well as a Dobermann who have all accompanied me throughout various stages of my life.
After this rich, experience-filled journey into the world of dogs, I finally wanted a specific breed to focus on. I spent many years searching and studying until I finally found what I was looking for! I realised my dream and finally had my first Ridgeback Chima-Lee from the Andrea Ross VICTORIA FALLS brood. Shortly after, my Doya arrived from the SHANGANI kennel of Christine and Wolfgang Blumberg. They welcomed me with open arms and we are still in close contact to this day.
My love for this breed knows no limits and I am completely captivated by them. Ridgebacks aren’t “just” dogs. They are true companions and family members with specific needs. This breed is independent by nature but has its own unique character and likes to demonstrate it. That’s precisely what I love about them. It’s clear from the moment you meet them.
From 2007-2013, we attended countless shows in Europe. Our dogs have enjoyed great success which only confirms how unique they are and were. Doya even won a huge victory at the Shangani Grand Prix organised by Wolfgang Blumberg.
We’d earned some time off after that. The nature of the shows continued to change, focussing more heavily on group formation. Where we previously stood together is now a fierce competition with lots of political input, partly on the lowest level.
That’s one of the reasons why we never force our puppy owners to attend such events and don’t require that a certain percentage has to enter the ring. Anyone who chooses to participate however, will of course receive my full support to help them prepare properly.
2007 MATOBO HILLS was born, Chima-Lee moves in.
2008 Doya moves in.
2009 Liu Pili (A litter) joins us.
2009-2012 31 German & European championship titles + another 11 claims to additional champions
2011 Farai (C litter) joins us.
2012 one of the top kennels for "The European Ridgeback"
2015 Jurell (J litter) joins us.
2016 KUSA registrated/approved as a breeder by CHAMPION Matobo Hills Injabulo (South Africa)
2016 Kolesha (K litter) joins us.
2020 Mac Bess (M litter) joins us.
2022  Glenaholm Payton Gazini ye Matobo Hills came into our lives. She will freshen up our Matobo Hills blood a bit and make it possible to bring all our males bred last year back into our line. ♥ When nature allows.

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