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It's getting uncomfortable outside. Only rarely are we lucky that the sun comes through. So also yesterday. This is how these beautiful pictures were taken.

From day to day it is time to say goodbye. Things are slowly getting quieter in the house. Mac Bess takes care of the little ones so nicely, whether in the garden or in the house. She is simply irreplaceable.
While Tosha has already started her journey today, Penda is waiting for her departure on Wednesday. Then we still have Xolani and Gigi. Crazy how time flies. They'll keep us company and let's see, when there are only two of them, they'll make it to my sofa ♥

Happy birthday lovley Glenaholm Payton Gazini Ye Matobo Hills ♥  

Happy birthday lovley Glenaholm Payton Gazini Ye Matobo Hills ♥

Our crazy chicken turns one year old. I can't believe she's only a year old because she already acts like a big diva sometimes.
You are a little hurricane that flew into our pack. word for word. Because right after your big farewell in your family it was car-plane-car-car-plane-plane-car-car.
You have mastered all this with flying colours.
You made the most of your first year of life. In all respects. Sometimes I had to force myself NOT to take you on my bike. Because you can hardly be stopped. Your urge to move is endless. Garbage Cans, Yellow Sacks and Kleenex or Tempos are your favorite things to do. So it can happen that carefully sorted things are suddenly scattered on the floor and found in the house. Puppy time brought out the super aunt in you. While you had to wait a long time before you were allowed to set foot in the whelping box, you had safe conduct in the garden afterwards. Sometimes quite harsh, but then again warmly affectionate. You're a great big sister friend.

Happy birthday dear Payton we love you and are already looking forward to what else awaits us, because you are unique in your whole "person".
Many thanks to Christie and her family for their tireless commitment and love they put into Payton, thanks to Norah for their efforts and special thanks to "Uncle" Michael, who accompanied me from the first second on the journey and us that unique FIRST CLASS experience. It was a great experience for all of us, which we wouldn't want to miss.

Tierisch Gut was in Karlsruhe last weekend and I had to leave the "nest" for the first time.
The little ones and the big ones were well looked after and had fun, so I was able to relax and start the first fair after 10 weeks of puppyhood.
After my return, I took some super nice pictures today, unfortunately no sun, so that you can watch the 4 Graces grow.
2 ladies are still available. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested. ♥
    Matobo Hills Thato Parveen Xolani                  Matobo Hills Thato Pekee Gigi                    Matobo Hills Thato Panya Tosha               Matobo Hills Thato Penda Pazima

The departure for the Swiss has begun and so a few of our LES ADORABLES have already made off and are now enriching their new families. Consistently positive feedback reaches me and that makes me infinitely happy.

For the little ones who are still here, it won't get boring. While the night hours are getting a little quieter, and there aren't 12 little rascals trampling on a sibling, they're almost bored in the big garden because there aren't that many people around to organize a hunt. That's what Mama Mac Bess and Aunt Payton have to do. Whereby the two are sometimes a bit gross motor and then go into their own game. You have to be extremely careful that nothing small gets in the way.

Autumn mood prevails at the moment. Rain alternating with sun. With beautiful sunny days in between. Here are a few impressions.

For 3 girls it can be a new home again. If you think YOU have the perfect home, please email me for more information.

The last few days we were really richly gifted with beautiful weather and great visitor days. Everyone enjoyed their quality time with their puppies. The first will move out soon. Our Swiss! That's why it's been said for days: "Pack travel bags, prepare papers, make collar and leash sets, snuffle mats and much more" are currently stacked on the table to be packed. And all that alongside. The big ones have to be very patient in the last few weeks and in the coming weeks. You just have to thank them for that. ♥

And now may I introduce<<LES ADORABLES>>

A new home may be found for 3 charming, correct girls again. Please no animal hoarders, no 8-hour workers and no catalog orders. I do not send my puppies to strangers, provided they are picked up personally.
The right home and 100% interest are required. [Possible selection from: Miss Red, Miss Yellow, Miss Little Pink, Miss Orange, Miss Pink] All options were already assigned before the throw, but 1. it turns out differently and 2. than you think. :-)
Maybe also a way for those waiting for Kolesha's throw to move up. Because this will not take place in spring/summer as previously planned. ♥

Matobo Hills Thato Phomello Lio

Matobo Hills Thato [Miss Gelb]

Matobo Hills Thato Pagaro Simba

Matobo Hills Thato Paki Askari Malik

Matobo Hills Thato Pemba Grey

Matobo Hills Thato Pacha Chipego

Matobo Hills Thato Paa Luveve

Matobo Hills Thato [Miss Orange]

Matobo Hills Thato Padiri Mangano

Matobo Hills Thato [Miss Pink]

Matobo Hills Thato [Miss little Pink]

Matobo Hills Thato Pita Penelope

Matobo Hills Thato [Miss Rot]

Before we start the last visitor weekend, I really don't want to have missed what we experienced last weekend.
Enzo's owner and family visited us from Friday. It was just as beautiful as it was back then in Sweden. They brought many Swedish delicacies and spent fun and happy hours.

What a ride. Left Friday morning at 12:30 a.m., arrived around 9 p.m. And on Sunday we drove on again. Thank you dear Astrid and dear Pernilla for your visit and the great hours we spent. The absolute HIGHLIGHT was your Swedish apple pie and the homemade vanilla cream. Phew... I had a huge chunk of that to munch on the next day. ♥
Thank you for everything. I'll miss you. :-*

Today I finally get around to leaving a few new impressions here and giving information. You take pictures every day, don't get around to uploading them and then they've already grown again and you have to take new ones. On Facebook, if you're friends with me, there's a big album with lots of great pictures not to be missed. Just send a friend request and you get to the album of the P-litter.

The puppies are now 6 weeks 3 days old. Much has been done. They grow and thrive and have a great appetite. All have a perfect scissor bite, all those little vampire teeth it's got to have for now. Their ridges are all perfect and long. No 3rd or 4th extra crowns. After several checks to date still no DS found. But the most important thing to me anyway is health, character and of course her adorable looks. And that's where I fall in love every day. Of course, I've never had ugly puppies (everybody says that about their own puppies) but here we just found the "perfect match".

This morning the 13 little rascals had their first vet appointment. They were hand-carried by me into the car and their first drive followed. Also with a lot of shouting, dead tired at home. Since some go abroad and need a few special examinations, they have already been chipped today. Everyone did great.

For 2 [correct] girl options, great people or families may contact us if they are interested. In both cases, reason and mainly gut feeling guided me and both should be right.
    Miss Orange          Miss Pink                 Miss Rot            Miss Gelb
             correct female                                   correct female                               correct female                                   correct female
                   positiv und activ                                                  substantial and bold                                            activ und interested                                                 activ und teamplayer

If you would like to offer one of the two possible girls a great home and also share our breeding philosophy, I would be happy if you contact me by email. 2 bitches are already being selected for a family, you can get more information from me personally.

And here are more impressions ♥

The website could no longer be controlled by the provider since the last entry due to unannounced system changes. NOW we are back and great pictures and reports will follow.
I have also decided to look for a new credible home for 2 girls. ♥ Feel free to email me if you are interested. Moving out is on Sunday, October 30th and Monday, October 31st.

"Payton at work" ♥


You've hardly noticed when the 3rd week is over. We are making great strides towards the visitor days and most of the dates have already been scheduled. This time we sent the dates several times via our Puppycam and it was very well received. Thanks for that. The Puppycam runs for 1-2 hours in the morning and evening. This gives our puppy parents the opportunity to watch the little ones grow from near and far. The cam will be discontinued as soon as the visitor days start. ♥

It's actually almost impossible to keep up with photos, because their pretty faces change every day, if not half a day. It's crazy how quickly they sprinted off and conquered the whelping box. That's why I'll set up the run at the weekend and they can explore the "big world", at least the one in the dining room. :-)

I look forward to all visitors and will send an email with special measures and important information in this regard.
Farewell lieber Baka

In the deep hours of the night on Wednesday morning, September 21st, 2022, you closed your eyes and tore a huge hole in everyone's hearts, especially in those of your family. Quietly and secretly, asleep and straight through the land of dreams
flew over the rainbow bridge.

You came back to your family after a short time because the male part of the family didn't want you. We picked you up in the middle of nowhere and Claudia held you there without knowing that YOU were the chosen one.
Even then you decided who belongs to you and who doesn't. You lovingly raised the babies of Doya and Yachter with us, tried to suckle them and always kept them busy with your tireless nanny charm. You were friendly, loving, warm, sensitive, stormy and at the same time incredibly relaxed.
Your family was waiting for a baby from Doya, but when you came back, you had already taken their hearts by storm. Nothing got past you anymore and so your family decided to take YOU with them and give you the perfect home. .... and your wonderful journey began.

You had the best life that could have been prepared for you. You have experienced so many beautiful years and will now tell your story up there to all the others who started the journey before you. They will line them around you and listen to you carefully.

I thank Claudia and her family for making Baka soooo infinitely happy and also making other of the Matobo Hills family happy.

Dear Baka, FAREWELL ♥

<<Small insight>> ;-)

The sleepless nights are far from over.
You have to remember that you couldn't sleep days before the birth because the bitch had to let go outside night after night and was restless, you don't know the exact date of birth and are therefore constantly awake so as not to have to go to the hospital miss and that doesn't change after the birth either.
You don't sit relaxed in front of the TV and drink a glass of wine. (as long as you do it 100% right). Rather, you stay around the clock in front of the whelping box or in the immediate vicinity.
And because it can be life-threatening for experienced people, it's even more exciting and confusing for a first-time mom weighing over 40kg when something suddenly "slips".
You always have a light on, with every hearty squeak you have all your senses on the whelping box and look to see if there is a little one lying underneath or stuck. When diarrhea sets in because maybe there was a bit of a draft somewhere, the heating or the chimney turned down because you were busy with them and couldn’t put more wood. Then, yes, then it will be fun. Troubled little creatures, bent to the point of making shits, shoot horizontally backwards and cheer their siblings, mom and everyone around them with everything they can. x13!

And if one or the other doesn't come to the milk bar because the "fat people" have spread themselves there, you have someone who doesn't weigh enough, who you have to look after 24/7 and so on. And then there are the little mice that choke on their own milk, the milk comes up again and you have to help that the milk doesn't get on your lungs, otherwise the little one is at risk of dying of pneumonia. Things that hardly anyone thinks about when they see the nice little pictures from the Puppy Cam. But they exist and they are sometimes very threatening and worrying for the puppy and the breeder mom. And that's exactly why it feels good when kind words reach us that motivate us to "persevere" :-) Thank you at this point :-*

And now to the other side ;-)

The little ones are all doing well and are gaining weight. The smallest today weighs from 270g - 830g. And the fattest today has 1510g. So everything included.

They received their first wormer treatment at the weekend and everyone did very well. They didn't like it, but for the most part everything stayed "down". The little eyes are all open and the little ears are now slowly opening too. The whelping box is getting livelier, Mac Bess notices that too. Because every now and then she's glad she can take her place in front of it. Otherwise, she spends 23.5 hours in the planting box. Payton is turning out to be an excellent big sister, and great-aunt Kolesha watches over the whelping box, residing in my roost. Grandma Jurell knows the game and retires relaxed. Every now and then she comes, looks in and probably thinks "thank god not me..." hahaha

About Puppy Cam:
This is usually switched on in the mornings and evenings. The future puppy parents have received the link and the little ones can already see it now. Visitor appointments are also given via the cam and can then be entered by email or Whatsapp. There will be times when one can come. Each family will have an appointment for themselves. So the pack is not overwhelmed and no one steps on the other's "feet". If you stay in the vicinity overnight, please let us know so that you can make 2 appointments and make the long journey worthwhile.

Please don't worry if the camera is not on. Sometimes you can't keep the Puppy Cam schedule because of all the work. ;-)

Today there was already a manicure and pedicure for the 3rd time. We weighed again and also did a small photo shoot. The little eyes are open and now "it's rattling in the box".
Everything is fine, the first have already exceeded the 1kg mark at the last weighing. The leader is blue with 1275g, followed by pink with 1150g. Our lightest is Rose with 675g. But that is 2.5 times her birth weight of 270g. So soon she catches up with her bigger sister. Because she has 760g.


They are so beautiful, easy to fall in love with. Normally, the little ones like to look a bit "weird" when they open their eyes, but they're all sugar here.
Anyone who has only now become aware of this great litter is welcome to contact us. A girl option can still be assigned. ♥

<<Les Adorables>>

They are now 1 week and 2 days old. They are developing splendidly. After getting off to such a great start with their weights, they went up from the start. No weight loss for the first few days, nothing. Their fur is silky shiny and they shimmer in the sun. ♥ Her mom MacBess lies tirelessly in the whelping box and provides her with milk. Hard to imagine that she has enough for 13 little babies. But the weights speak for themselves.
Payton is allowed to look into the whelping box from time to time, by far. Absolutely normal. In a few days that will have changed. Payton develops real mother feelings, when Mac Bess isn't looking, her head sticks out over the whelping box and she starts cleaning the little ones. Gorgeous to look at. She'll make a great "big friend" once they get out in the garden.
With this litter, Jurell also became a grandmother at the same time. As if she knew, she temporarily resides on the bed by the whelping box and looks relaxed at what's scurrying around there. Kolesha resides on the pillow in front of the craft box and waits patiently until she can catch a glimpse.
All the girls together complement each other perfectly in their tasks.

Here are the first headers. (One-handed recordings with the mobile phone, but I think they turned out quite nicely)

There is no order or sorting.
ARRIVED ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

ac Bess gave birth to her first litter.
Despite previously sleepless nights, she gave birth to the first girl on September 4th, 2022 at 8:20 a.m. More girls and boys followed. The last girl came just before midnight. Unfortunately, it was a bit too long for her and so she was born dead without a shell. The next day she got a nice place where she can rest forever.
Everyone else is fine. They are doing well and very gluttonous. Now we have a slight excess of girls in the house.
8 girls and 5 boys were born.
All already have great pigment, a nice ridge and matching crowns.

1]     8:20 Uhr Girl 535g
2]     9:16 Uhr Girl 570g
3]     9:40 Uhr Boy 515g
4]     9:43 Uhr Boy 440g
5]   10:23 Uhr Boy 515g
6]   10:58 Uhr Girl 515g
7]   11:24 Uhr Girl 485g
8]   13:12 Uhr Boy 525g
9]   13:47 Uhr Girl 380g
10] 14:17 Uhr Girl 365g
11] 14:30 Uhr Girl 270g
12] 15:21 Uhr Boy 555g
13] 15:25 Uhr Girl 395g
14] ca. 22:00 Uhr Girl 295g totgeboren ♥

For our puppy parents there is a Puppy Cam, just like in the old days. We were always at the start with our Puppy Cam. However, we limit it to 2x a day if all goes well. And now and then there are a few special screenings ;-)

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