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The best puppy parents for the NEXT GENERATION that could exist ♥
I am overjoyed that my puppy parents supported us (the dogs and me) with such respect, understanding and warmth during this extremely difficult time. I thank you for your trust in giving the right puppy to the right family. I will accompany her with all my heart and everything I can do. The first ones have now left the nest ♥


                                                        THE NEXT GENERATION                                                                                      Matobo Hills Quinn Colin
February 2024

Time couldn't be stopped. The last 3 weeks passed like a bad dream. Thanks to my family, we managed it and the little ones are now ready to move into their new home. Well protected, cuddled and played with, they had a wonderful time as puppies here with us, despite the terrible loss of mom Kolesha. They didn't lack anything. ♥
Everyone put so much effort into designing the name and this is how it is now:

[UWA - meaning: the World]
Quinton Koa                      Qwanell Ife                      Quinn Colin                      Qwara Kimani                      Qhubeka Kiano                      Quenna Gigi
FAREWELL my love Kolesha

Oh dearest Kolesha, the pain is so deep and my thoughts only revolve around you.

We no longer have common paths, no travels together and no one to blow in my ear when he wakes up next to me in the morning.
You are simply gone and only your ashes remain with me and the story that connects us with so many beautiful years.
We all miss you so much, including your babies. When a shadow from the flickering fireplace moves across the room, they stand at the grille and think that their mother is coming.

I promise you with all my heart that they will get all the love we have, in your name and for you we will give everything. Even if I'm unfortunately not able to be strong at the moment.

Just as you fought in the end, we will fight for you.

Farewell my dear Kolesha, have a good trip and say hello to everyone up there, whom we miss so painfully and would like to return if we only could. ♥

Kolesha was born on January 16th. an anemia. Her temperature was only 35.4° and the doctors had difficulty getting it under control.
Her hematocrit was at 8.1% and we struggled, she struggled even more. There was digested blood, but no obvious source.
No tumors, no ruptured organs or vessels, no visible bleeding in the stomach.
She received a blood transfusion from a donor. This strengthened her somewhat, but she didn't tolerate it well.
This was shown by reactions in the head and body.
Since it was a practice, we had to go to a clinic after work.
We drove to the small animal clinic in Zweibrücken. She was immediately admitted there and examined thoroughly.
Every day she made minimal progress. Sitting upright, eating out of his hand, enjoying himself a bit, as far as this was possible.
Her hematocrit rose to 12.4% and she received another transfusion with universal blood. All values except those for young platelets and hematocrit increased. But these sank again.
On January 22nd She had to die at 8:05 a.m. Her organs probably had too little oxygen for too long, her body gave up and she fell asleep.

Doctors suspect bleeding in the stomach. Either a small tear from playing or a small stomach ulcer.
Slow and unpredictable. Her whole body was examined and was healthy, free of tumors, spleen without any findings and of the correct size, etc.

7 days of fighting, hoping, praying, begging, looking for solutions, begging everything you can beg!

Farewell my love Kolesha...... farewell


Today we are 4 weeks old. The sweaters were tried on and maybe, but only maybe, we can go to the terrace at the weekend. Of course only briefly at the temperatures. ♥ Before we grow out of the sweaters.
We have now also sipped delicious milk and also brooded. Very tasty, but with mom it is simply best. She goes into us regularly and we are very happy about that.
In the meantime we can already carry our towels and expenses around. We have already discovered the first toy.


We have successfully completed the 3rd week and are starting the 4th week.
At the weekend the run is enlarged because they loudly announce themselves at the exit of the whelping box when they realize that the world is even bigger than they previously thought. This is how the floor protection is laid and then it’s time for ACTION. Her teeth are already breaking through and that's also bothering Kolesha, because now she's biting into the teats and not just sucking anymore. This reduces the time she spends visiting the whelping box. I will probably start feeding next week. And this year my puppies will be raised with our new product for the first time. LAKMIL® Ziegenmilch Gold. Raising milk and feed puree produced in-house. I started it at the end of August and I already have many loyal customers to report. Just great!!!

But there's also something going on in the Matobo Hills Boutique. I make it myself, so it is also possible to make custom-made items. A dog bed for the motorhome was completed as a rush order in December. (Not just a mat, no, a cozy dog bed, suitable for the dog conversion in the camper) I have also expanded the Matobo Hills Collection® to include my own DOG WEAR.

This litter closes the chapter of the 3rd generation at Matobo Hills. With the end of Kolesha's breeding, both girls, the last offspring of Liu Pili and Farai, are in their well-deserved breeding retirement.
Jurell started this almost 2.5 years ago, when she was forced to do so after her singleton birth via cesarean section and emergency castration, so Kolesha is now following her. All puppies from this litter have found a home and there are no more puppies available for sale.

If you are interested in a puppy from my breeding, please contact me now for upcoming litters. Places are limited.

Our new desk calendar is here!

If you want another one, you can get it for €15 including shipping. (Consignment of goods)

Only a few [9] left in stock.
(Puppy parents from the Q litter receive it on their first visitor day ♥)
Simply send a short email or Whatsapp.

November 29, 2023

The little ones are now all over 1.2kg to 1.7kg in weight and have their little eyes open.

Kolesha is an excellent mom. She sleeps with the little ones all night, which is not always normal. Because the claws are sharp, the power when sucking on the teats increases and the first teeth will soon appear

break through.
They had their first deworming treatment when they were 2 weeks old, which is also important, and their claws had already been shortened three times to prevent injuries to their paws from hanging in the terry cloth and injuring their mother's suckling bar.
This means they learn how to contact and deal with people at an early age. By the way, a dog will only not have its claws cut or its ears cleaned if its owner has done it incorrectly or too little. It must always be possible to get THIS close to your dog. ♥

Since yesterday the sweaters have also been ready for their first walk on the terrace and in the garden. This way we don't risk a bladder infection in the winter temperatures and winter storms.


We have the first week behind us and there are only good things to report.
The little ones are developing splendidly and you can already see how beautiful they are. ♥
December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023
Finally I can announce that Kolesha & Makani's babies have landed.
The coming birth had already been announced one night before. Going out and emptying every hour indicated what was to come.
The next morning we still ate diligently, but only half of it. Which then came out beautifully again at 10 a.m. No wonder!
Because at 10:44 a.m. she started having contractions.
And so it continues....

12:30 p.m. Male 465g
1:29 p.m. female 530g
1:51 p.m. Male 500g
3:32 p.m. female 470g
4:35 p.m. Male 530g

After that you could assume that it was done. But this plan was made without Kolesha.
Because she continued to press comfortably for 5.5 hours and lo and behold...
10:00 p.m. female 440g
After the long way out, she was initially pretty annoyed that people wanted to encourage her and her circulation. She complained every second, as if she wanted to say: leave me alone ;-) The little one was very brave. After a little sleep she started drinking and was up. ♥

Everyone is doing wonderfully. Mama Kolesha is also well up and is fortifying herself with the treats I give her.
Of course it would have been nice to be able to make more great puppy parents happy, but unfortunately nature is out of your control.
Raising 6 puppies for her last litter is certainly a nice event for Kolesha, and it won't take as much of a toll on her body as the last litter.
So I'm looking forward to the coming time ♥

Information about the visitor days goes directly to my puppy parents via message or email. In the next days.


Litter Diary Q-LitterQ-Wurf 2023 Wurftagebuch


The 8th week has been reached. Kolesha often wheezes very heavily, which is probably due to the lack of space in her inner organ ♥ Soon we will reveal the secret and know how many babies she will have.

Weight: 45.8kg (+6.6kg)
Waist circumference: 90cm (+16cm)

Today is the 7th week and we are getting closer and closer to giving birth. Kolesha sleeps a lot, eats happily and is very affectionate.

Weight: 43.4kg (+4.2kg)
Waist circumference: 86cm (+12cm)

Today is weigh-in day again and it is becoming increasingly noticeable that something is coming our way.
Although we are only in the 6th week, Kolesha is already “doing with it”. Every now and then she really snores.

Weight: 42.8kg
Waist circumference: 78.5cm

6. Weeks and 2 days (Monday, November 27th, 2023)

Weight: 43kg
Waist circumference: 80cm

5th week

Everything is going as planned. Kolesha is comfortable.

Weight: 39.2kg
Waist circumference: 78cm


Today we are in the 4th week and we are starting the pregnancy with the following measurements:

Weight: 39.4kg
Waist circumference: 75cm

Happy Birthday Payton!!! [Glenaholm Payton Gazini Ye Matobo Hills]

My sweet SUPER ROCKET turns 2 years old today.
Happy birthday.
You're sure to have a little party today ♥


November 14, 2023

Despite the rain, it's sunshine for us!!!
Yesterday it finally happened. Since I was in Karlsruhe at the TIERISCHgut with the Matobo Hills Boutique at the weekend, I didn't go for an ultrasound until Monday. So day 30.
And our vet in France confirmed what we were hoping for so much.

Kolesha is pregnant!♥♥♥

We are expecting their babies around December 16th, 2023 and so the move out would start around February 10th.

But until then, we'll keep our fingers crossed that everything will go well and that all the babies will be born healthy.

A tip when searching for a name: the first name must have the first letter Q. (We will choose the year letter for France as usual and put it in front of it) ♥

November 8, 2023

Small interim report.
Autumn is clearly here. With all its facets. But we also think that's nice, because the fireplace season has started and everyone is milling around in front of it to warm themselves up.

We scheduled the ultrasound appointment for Kolesha. Monday, November 13th, 2023 in the late morning. So I can announce by the afternoon at the latest whether it worked or not.
I'm not talking about possible signs at the moment, because the process of false pregnancy doesn't differ in the slightest from a real pregnancy.
So the tension remains until then.
October 15, 2023

Honeymoon to Bamberg

Kolesha and I set off for beautiful Franconia. This is also where the basis of our human family lies on the mother's side. So it was almost like a return to the past. ♥ As we flew past the cathedral, up to the castle, we were able to take advantage of the rain and take a few pictures. We both found a family-run and dog-friendly Franconian country hotel (ALTES KURHAUS) for our stay. On the edge of the forest, with great cuisine and beautiful rooms. There are also beautiful motorhome parking spaces and well prepared for today's guests.
Since Makani and Liane came to us at the last wedding, we had the home advantage. This time we ventured into foreign territory.
We'll see if Kolesha and Makani's wedding on Saturday worked out in 4 weeks at the ultrasound. Thanks to Liane and Georg for their hospitality. 'Thanks to Baachus'! It was delicious. :-)

Expected ultrasound appointment: in 4 weeks
Expected due date: in 9 weeks



The journey begins!

Kolesha starts her heat and it's hard to believe that I can say: "earlier than planned".

You're always waiting anxiously for it and then it actually starts.

If things go as planned, they will even be born just before Christmas ♥

More information to follow. X-Man Makulu aka Makani is already informed and is looking forward to his rendezvous in about 2-3 weeks.

For our future puppy parents: you can search for a Q name.
For those who would like to become one, please contact us via Email or Whatsapp.

Until then, we'll enjoy the autumn sun and look forward to the coming months.

The autumn/winter plans for 2023 are set! There is a re-throw.
ミ♥ Kolesha & Makani ♥彡 already had a great litter together in 2021 and that is one of the many reasons that made me repeat THIS great mating.
I am very happy that Liane has once again placed her trust in me and is now looking forward to the upcoming heat with me.
We hope for this in about 3 months
(the last litter with Makani was our O-litter)

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