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Time for a bit of "fresh wind" ♥♥

P-Litter 2022

It starts. Mac Bess is getting hot!!! The suitcases are packed and we are ready for the last progesterone test at the vet. After that we decide when to leave.

By the way, Kolesha came into heat 4 days ago, but this time no double throw is planned. We lose some time as a result, but in 6 months it will be time again and the Q litter planning can start.

For Mac Bess one thing is clear: WE are going to Sweden with the whole pack of girls, to her FIRST LOVE♥ - Date Enzo.

Further information can be found under the corresponding litter planning.

Happy birthday BELLEVUEs and & Mac Bess
Today you will be 3 years old. AMAZING. You always say that to yourself, with every throw. But here it is even clearer.
Have a wonderful day together and enjoy it with your families. ♥

[image:image-0] [image:image-1]

Happy 3th birthday lovely LA PREMIÈRE♥

You are the first to see the light of day in France and therefore something very special.
Have a wonderful day today and celebrate well.

(When I see the picture like this, I have to smile. Because the bars didn't lock the girls in, but my bed was surrounded by bars.)

And I especially want to think of our dear Liu Pili today. Mom of Kolesha and Jurell.♥♥♥

SHE took care of both litters with absolute devotion, when the mothers preferred to lounge on the bed. At night she lay proudly in one and then in the other whelping box and took care of her grandchildren in the light of a flashlight. She was incredibly social and loving. We miss her very much.


The long wait is now over! Mac Bes' heat sets in.

All other news such as WHO is the chosen one, WHEN will the wedding take place, etc. will be announced here. ♥


Happy 9th Birthday French Connection

A completely uncomplicated litter, you could eat everything, didn't have any thin shits and even so, you were so wonderful.
Lulu and Nayla have already passed on your wonderful character to their own puppy and so we can be very proud that the wonderful Doya and D'Chaka have passed on their beautiful character.
Anyone who knew her knows what I'm talking about.

Especially fun was the pregnancy ultrasound in the south of France, where we all found ourselves celebrating our dear Shangani Doya Vizuri's victory at the SHANGANI GRAND PRIX. After a nice lunch in the open air, we girls made our way to the ultrasound in a "very good mood" and, as we can see, it was very positive.

Many thanks to the unique Doya for these great babies, a big thanks to Papa D'Chaka, who unfortunately left a little earlier and 3 of his little ones can now also celebrate the birthday from heaven. Free and carefree ♥


Happy birthday MOONWALKER

Not all of them are among us anymore, but just as firmly anchored in our hearts.
Today you are 10 years old!... Amazing.
You were born on June 6th, 2012, or rather, that's when the birth began.
At 8:05 a.m. the first girl was born. We didn't know what to expect from Liu Pili's first litter. Since we don't go for x-rays, it was a big surprise.
10 males & 6 girls
You had weights of 385-530g.
Unfortunately, Liu Pili quickly contracted mastitis and everything became imbalanced. After just 1.5 weeks, her condition became so critical that she had to go to the clinic.
24/7 hand feeding was then on the agenda. It would never have occurred to me that it was possible to sleep only 2 hours a night in 14 days. 16 mouths wanted to be stuffed, tummy rubbed and thank God she still had 3 intact teats, so they didn't have to be short of breast milk.
That's how they all made it into their big lives safe and sound and I'm incredibly proud of that.
To have brought 16 little babies through this difficult time by hand.
Happy Birthday. Celebrate this day in a special way. Our thoughts are with you all.


The cold winter actually means that Mac Bes's heat has been postponed a bit, but this way she doesn't have to carry her first big belly with her in midsummer. And you should let nature take its course.

But it is in the offing and you can tell from the other girls who are constantly following her around: Mac Bess is about to. So I expect that she will be in heat by the 20th of the month at the latest, because then the peak time has been reached and nature will also comply. ♥

As soon as something happens, we'll let you know immediately, we won't miss it so we don't have to keep our dear puppy parents and interested parties in suspense any longer.
And so everyone can go on their well-deserved summer vacation in peace and after that they are all ready for their new baby.

Payton (6.5 months)                            Mac Bess (2 years 11 months)
Mai 2022

Mai 2022

Mac Bess and Payton took me on a short trip to the south of France to attend a show for a long time.
But above all to spend a few nice hours with Christine and Wolfgang. And once again we succeeded - just like in the past! ♥♥

For Mac Bess it was the first show in her life, prevented by 2 years of Corona and for Payton at 5.5 months the first show anyway.

So Mac Bess started in the open class and Payton in the baby class.

As always, the groups were divided over 2 days.

I'm super proud of my girls.

Congratulations to our fellow campaigners on their great successes, which we also duly celebrated afterwards. ♥

Matobo Hills Pili Mac Bess
Open Class
3. place
Glenaholm Payton Gazini Ye Matobo Hills
Baby Class
Very promissing
1. Meilleur Minor-Puppy of saturday Show
The following day we all took our time and celebrated our great four-legged friends with a delicious meal at CHEZ BRUNO. Always a dream to be there.
And to round off this special day, we met all the youngest of the Shangani family and the wonderful Eshe, who at the proud age of 12.5 snuggled up on the sofa with us and visibly enjoyed it. ♥♥♥ So nice that I was allowed to see you again, dear Eshe.
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