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Our Home

The MATOBO HILLS Rhodesian Ridgebacks breeding site sprung to life in 2007, in the sunny Ortenaukreis district in Appenweier, Germany and was based there until 2017/2018.
We subsequently became affiliated with the DZRR breeding association under the FCI and VDH umbrella organisation. We have remained a loyal member to this day and will continue to do so in future.
We have an equally established link with the Rhodesien Ridgeback Club Italy and were recommended there as a long-standing friend and member of the club.
This is also where Chima-Lee’s roots are. ♥
In 2017/2018, the Matobo Hills breeding site was relocated to France, close to Alsace. Then, in 2019, we moved further north in the country, to a small district in the Moselle department in the Grand Est region. It is just 35 minutes to the German/French border.
That same year saw the arrival of the first French Matobo Hills puppies into the world. I’ve been living here ever since with my dogs in a converted farmhouse that dates back to 1811. This is now our base [port d’attache] for the coming years and where all future Matobo Hills puppies will be bred under the SCC/FCI association.
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MATOBO HILLS Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
84, Route de Grostenquin (ehem. Rue d'Obrick)
F-57340 Obrick
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