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Our philosphy

In our opinion the breeding philosophy can only be called PHILOSOPHY if you actually live it. It is impossible to just copy it, neither in words nor in acting it out.
Either you feel it or you don´t!
Therefore our first priority is to breed healthy dogs with a strong and unique character together with their race-related typical colour. Also we are focusing on their best integration into the everyday family life and daily routine.
This is the only way that Ridgebacks can further be bred corresponding to the race´s origin.

We breed family dogs with an interesting pedigree for future breeders and best qualifications regarding shows.

We strictly distance ourselves from an education which will lead to submission, ignorance or even exclusion.
Our goal is to give them a perfect life as a family dog and to create the optimal conditions for their future lives!
All this is clearly reflected in our general breeding and daily life with our dogs.
For our Matobo Hills puppies we want a home without cages or kennels, without electric- gas- or similar collars and without a forced education. We do not want them to stay on their own for too long, neither do we want them to be castrated.
We expect you to give them a good and quiet, thus consistent education and more.
We welcome you to contact us by email, followed by a personal meeting in which we can talk about each others` wishes and ideas

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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